Andreia Moniz - linkedcare designer

Fullstack designer currently working at

I'm a full stack Designer currently working at

You can find me involved in the process of carefully designing and coding a web interface functionality directly in the browser, resorting to any suitable technologies, or, sketching, wireframing and focusing on how people use a website for a tailored experience.


About Andreia Moniz

I have a degree in Multimedia Design, also studied Art, Photography and Illustration. I'm a learning addict and will probably keep studying related subjects for the rest of my life.
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With a profound knowledge of the Adobe suite for branding and design I can also handcraft your website in HTML & CSS making it simple, usable, attractive and standards compliant.
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Being a hands on kind of person I've tried many different types of analog crafts and activities troughout my life, currently I've been creating crafted toys that you can buy on Esty.